CONFRONTATIONS is a virtual exhibition of a private collection of Chinese contemporary photographies. Composed of more 300 works made by over sixty artists, it offers a subjective overview of the current creation in Chinese photography. The desire of drawing up this collection arose in 1999 at Venice biennial event. Amidst a dull occidental artistic context, the Chinese artists blew a refreshing wind over this biennial event. It’s obvious that we were at the birth of a major artistic movement of the beginning of the 21st century. The presented artists, leaders of a New Cultural Revolution, defied the current regime claiming their position as artists. The works were powerful, fascinating and often provocative. Today the work of Chinese artists has upgraded. The authorities attitude towards the artists having loosened up, even though censorship still exists, there is less need of shocking or shaking taboos. Despite this, Chinese contemporary photography remains extremely rich, highly original and still exciting.
The photographers of this Chinese rebirth are young. Born at the time of Mao, but living in an ever-changing China, they draw the gripping portrait of a country full of contradictions, at the same time self-oriented as well as opened to the world. They cast a critical and ironical look at the Chinese society. The idea of confrontation can be found in many works. Confrontation between the official communist doctrine and the economical and social reality. Confrontation between the desires of the Chinese and the difficult living conditions for most of them. Confrontation between the traditional Chinese town, the way of life it implies, and the futurist cities that have arisen for the past few years. Confrontation between the fascination for the only child and the growing selfishness of these children when they become adults. Confrontation between the Chinese culture taught in Art schools and the occidental culture artists can now get to. Confrontation between the past, the present and the future…
Chinese contemporary artists look like their country: alive and creative.

Ai WeiweiHai BoLiu BolinRong Rong (Lu Zhirong)Xu Yong
Bai YiluoHan LeiLiu JianhuaShao Yinong and MuchenYang Fudong
Cai DongdongHe AnLiu JinSheng QiYang Yi
Cang XinHe YunchangLiu TaoShi YongYang Yong
Celine LiuHei Yue (Ji Shengli)Liu ZhengSong ChaoYang Yongliang
Chen QiulinHong HaoLu ChunshengSong DongYang Zhenzhong
Chen ShaoxiongHong LeiMa Liang (Maleonn)Wang JinsongZhang Dali
Chi PengHuang YanMa LiumingWang NingdeZhang Huan
Cui XiuwenJin FengMa Tse LinWang QingsongZhang Kechun
Dai XiangLi WeiMiao XiaochunWeng FenZhao Bandi
Dong WenshengLin TianmiaoQiu ZhenWu GaozhongZhou Jun
Feng LiLin YilinQiu ZhijieXiang LiqingZhu Ming
Gao Brothers (Zhen and Qiang)Lin ZhipengRen HangXing DanwenZhuang Hui

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