Upcoming solo exhibition for Huang Yan

Upcoming goup exhibition for Huang Yan

Current solo exhibition for Huang Yan

Current group exhibition for Huang Yan

2017 Body, Self, Society, Chinese Performance Photography of the 1990s, Walther Collection Project Space, New York, United States
Start 2017-04-14 end 2017-08-19
Past solo exhibition for Huang Yan

2013Rising Dragon: Contemporary Chinese Photography, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California, USA
2009Michelle Mosko Fine Art, Denver, USA
Past group exhibition for Huang Yan

2015 Aprs Eden, La collection Walther, La maison rouge, Paris, France
Start 2015-10-17 end 2016-01-17
2015 Face to Face, Ethan Cohen New York, New York, USA
Start 2015-09-10 end 2015-10-24
2015Asian Spring, Hotel de Gallifet, Aix en Provence, France
Start 2015-06-28 end 2015-09-15
2015Harmony and Transition - Reflecting Chinese Landscapes, Harmonie und Umbruch - Spiegelungen chinesischer Landschaften, Marta Herford, Herford, Germany .
Start 2015-06-20 end 2015-10-04
2015The Order of Things, The Walther Collection, Neu Ulm, Germany
Start 2015-05-17 end 2015-09-27
2014International Exhibition of the Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Start 2014-03-02 end 2014-03-17
2011A Tribute To Photography, Primo Marella Gallery, Milano, Italy
Start 2011-06-09 end 2011-07-31
2010 Never Equal Distance to the Moon, Stiftelsen 3, Bergen, Norway
Start 2010-03-12 end 2010-05-30
2009 Winter Group Show, Shanghai Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China
Start 2009-02-01 end 2009-04-01
2007 La Cina e vicina, Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli (PAN), Naples, Italy
Start 2007-12-15 end 2008-02-25
2007Convection Works from the Permanent Collection of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, China
Start 2007-11-02 end 2008-02-24
2007 Made in China, The Estella Collection, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Start 2007-09-18 end 2008-03-01
2007 China Under Construction, Contemporary Art from the Peoples Republic, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX, USA
Start 2007-07-14 end 2007-08-31
2007 La invencion del presente, Casa Asia, Madrid, Spain
Start 2007-06-21 end 2007-09-30
2007 The Year of the Golden Pig, contemporary chinese art from the Sigg Collection, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland
Start 2007-03-13 end 2007-06-17
2005 Living in Interesting Times, a Decade of New Chinese Photography, The Open Museum of Photography at Tel Hai, Tel Hai Industrail Park, Israel
Start 2005-01-05 end 2005-06-30

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